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My litmus tests for what carry gun is right for me is potentially having to actually fight with the gun. Thats why I won't carry a mouse unless bigger is not possible.
exactly... unless a bigger one is not possible. Some of you prefer uneven jogging with hip or nerve problems from a big gun. some of us prefer a comfortable and relaxing jog without the weight of a heavy chunk of steel itching to rust from sweat. thats the beauty of a small low cost gun... its light, takes less volume, and is cheap/mostly plastic.

A dog doesnt have to be shot and killed if it chases you. A water bottle with ammonia will likely deter a dog.

To me a mouse or snub is for 2 legged targets at close distance and not much good elsewhere. Yes, a service will do the job.... but a 380 wont break skin and bone at <21 feet? I mean, arent most gang/mafia shootings done with mouse guns or 22s? I have known some unsavory types and the only guns they have ever fired were .32 or less.
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