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Decide which gun you need. This should be the one you shoot well, that holds a reasonable amount of ammo (you decide what's reasonable) and has a reasonable chance of firing bullets that will penetrate adequately and expand reliably (you define reasonable, adequately and reliably).

Then carry the dang gun. Get a good belt. Get a good holster.

Dress around the gun. Quit wearing the tight tank tops - get a looser fitting patterned shirt.

Quit looking for the "magic solution." You know .......the tiny piece of crap that drops in your shirt pocket. The one that you rationalize carrying by saying you can't conceal a Glock 19 in hot weather. The one you carry 'cause you've been told it will take care oof 90% of the potential threats you my face.

Carry the gun that you're gonna wish you had.

If I can wear a G19 OWB in south Louisiana, year round, all day, every can too.
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