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I think that many of us are aware that Goetz was twice brutally mugged. After all, he did not even get the handgun after the first mugging. He only obtained it after he was mugged yet a second time.

And I think that everyone agrees that these men that tangled with him were no good trash. Heck, charges were even dismissed at one point against Goetz, because some of these men committed further crimes after this incident.

Goetz's biggest mistake was making so many racially charged statements to people after his first two muggings. Referring to black people as "-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-s", and saying how much you hate them, is not going to look good at all if you later then shoot a black person. Your words then come back to haunt you.

Perhaps Goetz was not like that before his muggings, as all the statements cited in the civil case took place after he was beaten and robbed those two times.

Goetz clearly was a victim. But some of his actions really made life difficult for him.


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