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IWB or Pocket

I usually carry with an IWB holster. I carry both my Kahr K40 and my Taurus Ultralite 38 special IWB. I have a cheap holster for the 38, and a Galco Horsehide holster for the Kahr. I have carried my XD40 IWB as well, but usually in the winter. I need to get a better holster for it to continue carrying it.

I have purchased a paddle holster for the XD as well, and have carried it that way, but it is only good when wearing a winter jacket and only if I do not remove it.

I have a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for the 38 as well, and often use it when carrying while wearing my cargo shorts, or to carry in the pocket of my winter coat. I have carried it in my jeans pocket as well but it does show some. It is OK if you are wearing an overshirt or very loose jeans.
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