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Goetz had been mugged twice before. It is possible this was the same group that got him one of the first times...
They were NOT nice people.

I also don't trust the press reporting, at all.

Wonder if the appellate case has a statement of fact?
Go here:
then search for trial name, and you'll get the appellate case, and statement of facts.
Can't get the link to work to the actual case.
People v. Goetz, 68 N.Y.2d 96 (Jul 08, 1986)

After reading the statement of fact from the case two things become clear:

Goezt should NEVER have talked to the police without council present. From his statement, at least looking back at it now, maybe he was insane, or at least that's what you must think to have told the police such stuff.

It certainly gives a clear point for directional pepper spray prior to using a gun...

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