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What has that got to do with anything? It is not a black-white yes-no issue, it is an issue with a lot of gray, cost/benefit analysis, etc. And again, your lack of understanding about statistics is showing. An overall lifetime chance of needing a gun is actually fairly good. The chances of needing to shoot someone with it are much smaller, and that the caliber will play a big part is even smaller.
The majority of civilians don't carry. Of those who don't only a small percentage have a need for a gun. I agree that the likly hood is even smaller that caliber will play a big part. Since both are unlikely statistically I asked you why do you carry yet feel caliber is not relevant. I think thats a fair question.

I know a badguy who took 3 .45 ACP Gold Dots who wasn’t slowed down much, if any. As usual, individual anecdotes don’t mean much of anything. Maybe you should try understanding those statistics.
Now given the obvious weakness of a serious caliber in stopping a determined attacker, you still feel comfortable with a mouse? Thats my point. You won't risk going unarmed but will risk needing more power at a dire time.
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