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And you success in a gun fight might fall to a large number of other issues also.
And this fact changes our disagreement how. These other factors might always be present but the problem of lack of penetration and larger wound channel won't be.

There is just one problem here, one that is so common with you that I put you on “ignore” for quite a while---I never said that or anything like that
By supporting mouseguns and saying that they are "adequate" you are accepting the known limitations of those guns which are lack of penetration and small wound channel to name a couple. You never uttered the words but you are clearly a mousegun fan.

It seems strange to me that you think you can make generalized comments like that about my life based on a relatively few postings on the internet. However, most peoples lives revolve around statistics. I may be a bit more cognizant of that fact, or more willing to admit to it, but each of us every day makes dozens, maybe hundreds, of decisions based on what we think the likely outcome will be.
As you noticed I said "it seems". You have been posting for a couple of years now (that I have been reading)and this has been a common occurrence. Not that its bad mind you just that you seem to allow stats to dictate your actions an awful lot.
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