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My success in a gunfight might fall to my cartridges ability of penetrate past bone and skull.
And you success in a gun fight might fall to a large number of other issues also.
For you to continually suggest that "mouseguns" can cause, in equal amounts as bigger bored guns, the blood loss necessary to incapacitate is nuts.
There is just one problem here, one that is so common with you that I put you on “ignore” for quite a while---I never said that or anything like that. Once again you show that rather than deal with what is said you choose to make something up and then try to blame it on somebody else. Let's try to be honest.
It seems with you that everything revolves around statistics
It seems strange to me that you think you can make generalized comments like that about my life based on a relatively few postings on the internet. However, most peoples lives revolve around statistics. I may be a bit more cognizant of that fact, or more willing to admit to it, but each of us every day makes dozens, maybe hundreds, of decisions based on what we think the likely outcome will be.
Still you carry a gun when statistics say you will probably never need one.
What has that got to do with anything? It is not a black-white yes-no issue, it is an issue with a lot of gray, cost/benefit analysis, etc. And again, your lack of understanding about statistics is showing. An overall lifetime chance of needing a gun is actually fairly good. The chances of needing to shoot someone with it are much smaller, and that the caliber will play a big part is even smaller.
....however having a gun that is harder to shoot, penetrates much less, and who's bullets cause less blood loss is only going to worsen that trouble.
In some situations it might. In most it won’t. And note that to get to that spot you have already had to deal with three very unlikely events. BTW, penetration is more a factor of bullet design than caliber, and mouseguns do not have to be much harder to shoot, if any.
I know a lady who shot and killed a home invader after taking a hit to the arm from a 22lr.
I know a badguy who took 3 .45 ACP Gold Dots who wasn’t slowed down much, if any. As usual, individual anecdotes don’t mean much of anything. Maybe you should try understanding those statistics.
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