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Shows how words are overvalued. In those situations the bad guys use words to distract, while they setup doing what they intend to do, rob, murder, rape, whatever. What the felons said had NOTHING to do with what they were after.

From a negative reading of the facts, it's pretty clear the badguys have confined Goetz to a small area, kidnapping when added to the fact that they attempted to rob him. I don't know if New York has a felony murder rule, but confining someone to a small area, then murdering would give you a real good shot at the death penalty in Kali. The restraint doesn't have to be long, and, it doesn't have to be 'reasonable' in the mind of the victim, just that he's restrained, and can't leave.

From the later records of the guys who lived, it's real clear these were NOT NICE PEOPLE, and, Geotz perception that he was likely to be seriously hurt or killed was totally validated by their later criminal acts.

I guess I might be slightly prejudiced, since I had three guys assault and batter me in a similar way, in a bathroom, except they hit me over the head with a Walther PPKS.

I've also watched a couple gang bangers try similar tactics
when trying to rob a gun store. THAT was really funny. The guy was whining about the store owners, who had both just uncovered their Glocks, loaded, in holsters, and the guy was whining that it was illegal in Kali to do that. He had also tried to distract them but, they knew the guy wasn't going to buy anything, and figured it out early on.
Weird part was the giant rott wasn't even bothered, but, the guy hadn't done anything but talk...

All I had was pepper spray, and never more vivid was the phrase,
"Don't bring a knife to a gun fight!"

What does come out of this is in any situation, if you have to shoot someone, talk to NO ONE but your lawyer.
It appears the media, and the District Attorney's put out enough misinformation on their own to convict him, and, the DA's should have been disbarred.
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