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That is your opinion Lance, I feel that it depends on the situation which is my opinion. I own a large two story home with a basement. If I hear something downstairs, I'll go for the scattergun, and the pistol on my hip. If it takes place upstairs where my kids rooms are adjacent to my bedroom, scattergun first is likely, but millions of scenarios will dictate different opinions. I know my Hornady TAP 00 buck can penetrate walls and keep going, as with my TAP .45 ammo. If I miss upstairs from my place in bed, I will likely hit one of my kids. This is why I have motion detectors set up to alert me in bed when someone nears any entrance point of my home. I also have a camera, and will be adding more. If somehow they make it upstairs without me knowing about it first, I hope I remember to drop to one knee and fire up at the dirtball so that if I miss all I hurt is my property.
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