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His biggest mistake was turning himself in. He went to the Concord, NH Police after riding around for hours, and turned himself in and confessed. I do not endorse illegal gun carry. But it seems to me that Geotz could have handled this differently.

In a city the size of NY, he could have avoided using the particular subway line that he was on, in case anybody could identify him by sight. After a short cooling off time, he could have told his employers and friends that he decided to move to Miami. (Those cold winters in NYC, you understand.) There are so many unsolved shootings in major cities that he could have pulled it off.

Unfortunately he panicked, fled NYC, did not have a plan, and ended up in jail in NH, from where he was whisked back to NYC.

He obviously never gave a thought to what he may have to do after a shooting...especially since he was carrying illegally.
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