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I have to talke the APFT for the army twice a year. Back then I had to take it every month. One of the things on the test is a 2 mile run and the only thing that will really prepare you for a running test is running.

I'm not in the shape I used to be and It doesn't hurt my feelings (much) that my run times are up to 15 minutes. I'm 37, I deserve a little break.

I still have to run though in order to prepare for the APFT (promotion points) and when I lead PT sessions full of 19 year old soldiers. I live in a different neighborhood now, but I still worry about dogs more than the 2 legged predators around here. Its funny how much respect one gets in my neighborhood where everyone looks different than me because they see me working out in my driveway or running around the hood.

I haven't been carrying but had a bit of a start the other day when I was running and a BIG black pittbull mix ran straight at his fence when I ran by him and I didn't see him until he hit the fence and started raising Cain. It startled me and made me jump because I wasn't expecting it and could barely see him in the dusk.

That incident made me think about the rottweiler and getting another NAA or possibly a .38 derringer. The downside to the derringer is that the possibility of a warning shot to scare off a dog isn't really there. If it attacks after your warning shot (admittedly unlikely unless it's had specific training) you've got one shot to kill it and no recourse for a kill shot while he's knawing on your kneecap.
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