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ISC: Again, there is no way that you can carry even a 9mm in PT shorts and a tank top (what I wear running in the summer here in Florida). That little .22 was even an inconvenience, anything with any weight will throw off your stride and make your shorts start to sag before you break a sweat. I liked the NAA because I could disassemble it after a run and wash the sweat off with HOT water and then reoil it.

I keep looking for another one, but they're like $250+ for one with a grip holster in .22 mag.
Tank-tops? Well if your fashon dictates your weapons, then self-defense must be a low priority to. Why not speedos to while you are at it?

Yea you can pack many a good size guns. It's call dropping weight. Dieting. Working out. Getting fit. Or as I've posted on Glocktalk, Gut .vs. Gun.

I used to be 185+ for 5' 8". I'm now 165 for the same height. I workout alot and I fell ten times better. And yes, the size 36 pants lets me carry any Glock made in the summer. And that's wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
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