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I know I will get hammered for this, but here goes:

I have a P-22 with a silencer and a laser ( sighted in at 7 meters/21 feet, for home defence 6 feet is the best).

The laser eliminates the need for light (open sights need light), and puts the fear of God in most bad guys that have ever watched TV.
You can also aim over an obstical, while looking around/under the obstical. This hides/shifts your positon by a few feet.

The silencer (Ase Utra) will prevent damage to you and your loved ones hearing and prevent trauma for the younger ones.

I know that saving your life is more important than your hearing, but why not?
Another positive about using a silencer is that family members, that are not used to firing a gun in close quarters (Who is), can also fire in self defence, without loosing consertration due to decible overload.

For some reason you dont want the neighbors to call 911 before you do a silencer is a VERY good idea!

The choice of caliber is up for grabs! Of course a 9mm., .45, 12 gauge or a .357 will destroy tissue (I have them all) in a manner that we all want to see an intruder suffer. But the recoil and blast is way to much for a non military/police person, in a life and death to fire with any amount of accuracy.

But a .22 is "controllable" AND I think most crack heads would change there mind after a couple of shots in the face.
Shots to the head(Target= 15 inches wide at 6 feet) orifices(eyes, sinus and mouth) will cause enough damage to deter most any assailant.

But now my family and I live in a place where my guns are locked away, and my doors are unlocked most of the time

Now Hammer me!

...and I´ll wip out my little .22..
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