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Doyal, They sell outrigger packages at Cabela's and I have on mine. They help alot and make you feel better in the rivers and big water and the extra stability when you gotta get up and shoot. You could proably make on cheaper than the one they sell with a little foam and aluminum square stock.
djonathing, Draft 6-12" of water???? Never saw a canoe that even went over 3 or 4" with a load in it. My Gruman drafts only 2-3" loaded.
They have alot of models but I prefer the Gruman 18' because it has a wide beam width and its good in rivers and bigwater chop and even had it in the Barnaget bay once. Another thing is to get a floating gun case and a shotgun leash in case the unexpected happens. Its just an extra step to make sure you keep your gun and it doesnt go to the muck monster at the bottom.
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