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I have tried a kayak and scared the hell out of me when I fired the 3 1/2 and almost flipped me over. My son and I use an 18' Gruman aluminum for ducks and geese and love it. We can cary quite a few decoys and other goodies that we need and last year we added the stabilizer outriggers to it to make it safer to use in the Delaware River. It makes you feel alot better on a river with them. We anchor up in an estuary and set decoys and brush the canoe up and we also drift the Walkill river(flows North) and jump shoot them on the bends and inlets. Get some good ultra low gloss Krylon camo paint and go to town. Dont forget to do the paddles. We had a guy show up last year with a nice camo canoe and then he broke out his nice new shiny yellow paddles to show us how good they were. We almost died laughing and he kept wondering why.
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