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This wasn't a "break in" where the shooter was taken off guard and surprised in his home by any means. This was a dispute he encouraged and incited with someone he had personal ties with and who he clearly stated he did not consider a physical threat. He was also able to see the victim pull up, get out of his car, and approach the door. There were many other things he could have done but chose to sit and wait with the intention of shooting the other man. That is the definition of premeditated.
Extremely good points there and is probably why I have trouble deciding. The dead man may have been a drain on society it appears that the shooter is the scum of society. At no point did it ever say that other than breaking down the door he made any hint of being armed and the shooter had already stated that he wasn't worried about fighting him.

It is all going to depend on which side of the bed the jury gets up on that day unless there are some more facts that we don't know.
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