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There are alot of variables that need to be determined, completely seperate from the inflammatory comments made by the accused.

A man has a right to protect himself no matter where he is but especially in his home. From the report, it seems to me that the deceased entered into the home of the shooter without permission. However:

1. Did the intruder make furtive movements with his hands?
2. Were the intruder's hands hidden?
3. Did the intruder verbalize a threat of deadly force before the intrusion?
3. Did the intruder verbalize a threat of harm upon entry?
4. Was it dark?
5. Did the resident verbally challenge the intruder and the intruder failed to respond to commands?
6. Did the intruder agressively advance towards the resident?

If the answer to anyone of these questions is yes, the shooter may have a pretty solid defense.

If the answer to all of these questions is no, than the shooter used excessive force to stop the threat in my opinion.

No matter what, the guy is still dead and his kid doesn't have a father because of his own stupid action of entering someone else's home looking for trouble, whether or not the shooter was right or wrong.
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