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i missed the bird shot part. my frak up. i made a mistake. i know your saying not him but who knew right. lol

the point about where he was shot is that groin is a generic term. you used it to defend that birdshot is useless because there was no arterial penetration. my point is groin is a generic term which can include from the waist down to a few inches of the leg.

case in point. no one would doubt that a 357 is one of the premium man stoppers. i know a guy who carried idiot style in his waist band. well one day he was screwing around, as idiots do, and didnt lower the hammer he had cocked.[another idiot thing playing with a loaded gun but what can you expect from someone who carries in their waist band idiot style] as he inserted gun in waist band he made another idiot mistake and had his finger in the trigger gaurd.

kaplam goes the 357. he got a vasectomy, penile reduction surgery, pelvis trimming surgery and muscular liquefaction and removal all at once all for free. missed all the arteries though. lucky guy as some know severing an artery very high in the groin sometimes causes it to retract into the pelvis thus making emergent clamping impossible.

i know one 125 grn lead projectile is different than a hundreds or so bb's. but the point is some folks are lucky. guys go thru a firefight unscathed only to find a crap load of holes in their jacket back packs pants etc.

another importiant point about the birdshot is the fact it quickly loses its umph when it hits something. its penetration isnt spectacular and over penetration of nearly non existent. this is one of the reasons some like it for use in a house. the chances of buck over penetrating at 10 feet are pretty high. that shot will go thru walls and kill people where bird shot loses so much energy thats the chance of unintentional death of your kids sleeping in the next room is minimal even with a few bb strikes.

it all goes back to use what you feel comfortable with.
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