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Im not trying to whine about the police, but simply pointing out the cold hard facts. This forum is about tactics and Im simply stating what the police could do better in their tactics.

It appears to me that the police around here involve themselves more with enforcing traffic offenses then helping to prevent real crimes. Why target the hardworking taxpaying voting homeowners with giving tickets out for unsafe lane changes and a no turn on red? Why not target the persons in the community who are more likely to commit actual violent crimes and are presently a nuisance to the community?

In this situation, the police are using the tactic of doing nothing at my local gas stations and not involving themselves until something really goes down.

This tactic is foolish. Eventually, the homeless guy or a motorist will become frustated and violence might occur. The homeless guy might become more desperate as his tactic of asking for money fails time and time again. So before anything violent happens, why cant the police take a few simple steps?

The police could simply drive up to the homeless guy to ask him what is going on and what is he doing at the station. They could go inside and alert the station attendant and ask if this person is allowed on the property. These few simple steps might send a message to these individuals. Even if it doesnt send a message, doing something is a lot better tactic then doing nothing and pulling over innocent motorists for driving offenses.
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