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Although I am not a law enforcement officer, I think you handled the situation perfectly.

I know the area that you were in VERY well and trust me ... you were in grave danger! I was an OTR Truck Driver for 15 years and Detroit was one of my regular routes for 5 years. The criminals there DO NOT mess around and are extremely dangerous. That is why when I had to stay the night or the weekend in the area, I always stopped at a T/S is Lima, OH ... it was much safer and only a 30 min drive from Detroit. But this is off-topic so I will focus here. For your own peace of mind, I just wanted you to realize that you were indeed in danger, IMHO. I have personally seen some outlandish violence in that area many times before. It isn't considered "the murder capitol of the nation" for nothing.

I agree with what others have said here. He was acting in a suspicious manner, he continued to advance despite your warnings to him, he commented, "I just want to take it for a ride" indicating to me that he meant to do it whether you approved or not and he kept one hand out of site which tells ME that he either DID have a weapon concealed or at least wanted you to think he did. Then, after it was over and he ran-away, you gave the clerk your card and told him to give it to police, something that I personally wouldn't have done. The clerk was probably "buds" with the guy.

Carrying a concealed weapon carries a tremendous responsibility and knowing when to "pull-it" and use it is not always a clear matter. Personally, I do not carry very often for that reason. IMO, having some street-smarts in this situation could have saved you a lot of grief.

1) NEVER stop and exit your vehicle in a questionable area.

2) Never engage in conversation with strangers in a questionable area.

3) If a questionable individual does approach you, hope for the best but prepare for the worst and stand your ground. (Which appears to be exactly what you did).
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