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You did what I would have done. What's going to happen, the guy is going to call the police and complain that "I was just trying to steal his car and the dude pulled a gun one me"? Most police when hearing that story would have just laughed at the criminal. There is plenty of awareness about the criminal element in those areas and the danger that you were in. A similar type of "come on" was done to me at the parking garage in Chicago at O'hare Field and as I had no weapon I took a defensive stance and the perp decided (I don't know why to this day) to not attack me. That guys next step or two may have resulted in a knife being shoved into your gut. I've spent enough time in Detroit and Chicago in the type of area you describe to know that you indeed were in great danger. You just proved my theory that when the chips are down, most people do a good job of handling themselves in a life or death situation, which regardless of what people from more civilized areas think, you were. Moral of the story.......Stay out of those places!!!!! You were lucky that you are alive and just the topic of a dinner party debate over why you would have acted so "mean" to a nice fellow that just wanted to go for a ride.
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