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Um, GTA is a felony, even in MI, yes?

The perps intent was clear, as was yours - to stop the felony from being committed. Don't know about the laws in MI, but many States allow for this action.
something like this just happened last week here in Arizona. The courts are going to decide what happens. a perp stole this guys truck. The owner ran out into the street the perp didn't know the area and went down a dead end. he turned the truck around and drove towards the owner. The owner shot and killed the perp.

The news report said Arizona doesn't have a property protection provision for deadly force. The owner said he thought the perp was going to run him over. He felt threatened. But because he came out of his house with a gun. He can face a criminal charge and face a civil suit from the perp's family. Unless he can prove his life was threatened. Even if found not guilty. It is likely he will still face a civil suit for a wrongful death.
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