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You might want to get someone else to shoot your gun to see if the same thing happens to them. My guess, like the others, is that you are anticipating the recoil.

When I try to shoot really fast I tend to pull the shot a little low and left. That's pretty classic for a right handed shooter when they jerk the trigger.

Last weekend a fellow next to me was trying out his new big bore Ruger. He readily admitted to being a bit intimidated by the gun. He was shooting high and right with the full load ammo he had with him that day. He probably put 50 rounds through the gun at 15 yards and everyone of them was high and right. I offered my 1911 and light loads through my 500 mag and he shot pretty much dead on. I then asked if I could try his Ruger. It shot dead on and a little high for me at 15 years.

After seeing that it was his shooting and not the gun he settled down and started shooting more accurately. He then only occasionaly shot high and right.
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