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So what is an innocent tax paying citizen like myself to do with police that dont really care about the hooligans who troll the streets
Step number one: Lose the victim mentality and stop blaming the police in general. Police officers enforce existing laws. You failed to cite a single instance of any offense other than you were frightened by someone's approach. If it is not against the law for a man to approach you and ask for money, what do you expect them to do? Do you expect them to pull security at your choice of gas station so you won't be harassed? If it is against the law and officers are not doing anything, have you contacted the Internal Affairs or Chief of Police personally about the problem or is this something you just complain about to the front desk officer?

Step number two: Contact your city council, your city manager or mayor and make a complaint about aggressive panhandlers. If you don't have an ordinance, request that one be enacted that will make panhandling a violation. That is what we've done in our city and the bums have moved on for the most part.

Personal security is an individual responsibility. If you can't go lawfully armed, then move somewhere you can.

Whining about the police will not solve your problem.
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