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As a born and raised Californian now living in Texas, I sympathize with your problem. I'm also a former OTR driver and can confirm this is not only a California issue. I saw the same tactics in Atlanta, the Carolinas and lots of other places.
With all that said, +1 for the pepper spray. Always defend yourself in the most aggressive manner that is LEGALLY available to you within the current situation. +1 for paying attention to local sheriff's elections and voting for a candidate that is pro CHL. I'm always for notifying the local fuel station owner, the local police and the local councilperson and mayor of the problem.

I remember being able to walk through my neighborhood with a shotgun, a rifle and a sidearm and having one of the 5 LEO's in the area ask me one question, "Are they unloaded?". The answer was always "Yes, but you may check if you like." They never checked. I'd never try to do that in my old neighborhood now.
Thank goodness I had the smarts to move to Texas.
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