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As I posted in another thread: the son of a friend of ours had the entire top-half of his head taken-off with birdshot at approx 20 yds in a hunting accident. Another person we knew had his shotgun loaded with birdshot in the window rack in his truck and it went-off and shot him in the chest as he was pulling it out of the rack, killing him instantly. The statement that birdshot is not an effective self-defense round is entirely false! One just has to exercise some common sense in using it. If you try to pop a perp at 50+ yds with it then you are being entirely unrealistic. A 10 ga with buckshot isn't lethal at such long ranges. Self-defense shotguns are meant to be effective at 10-30 yds at best. With 00 Buckshot you can pepper a guy at 40-50 yds and perhaps scare him and do some minor damage but IMHO, anyone who hangs around after being shot at with a shotgun is a freaking idiot and probably belongs in a mental hospital!
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