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Well, your first problem is that you live in California (no offense intended). Second, I used to be an OTR truck driver and we used to run into that same situation at various truck stops around the nation, usually around L.A., Memphis, Baltimore, Jersy, etc. and the best thing to do is not lose your nerve or show fear. The second you show fear you are telling the perp that you are a target. Stand your ground, SHOW THEM that you aren't afraid of them and just ignore them ... they'll go away. It is very unlikely that these bums will attack you as long as you show absolutely no fear. They realize when you aren't afraid of them that they are likely wasting their time with you. They DEPEND on intimidation to achieve their goal which is, to get you to give them money to leave you alone. But just to be on the safe side, as someone else mentioned here, carry a taser or a can of pepper spray with you and if one of them does begin to threaten, use it on him!
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