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Seen to many movies probably your right in that regard. However, we all know life is not black and white, and in some cases someone may not have the split second decision making power to get out and run. My comment was positioned towards those who made the mistake of staying the car, or did not seize the chance to run. In no way would I suggest someone pull the maneuver I stated on a heavily occupied road. There will be times when people are carjacked/kidnapped, and for those who do become hostages either one of those manuevers are a solid chance at getting away. Id rather die rolling my car attempting to save my life than be shot in the back of the head on some backroad. I do aknowledge however that these should be a last resort, but the FBI even teaches the roll out the door maneuver along with the hitting a parked car. Fact of the matter these days is expect the unexpected.
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