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Gang Attacks at California Fuel Stations

About 6 months ago, I started noticing a trend of innocent beggars at the local fueling stations. They would come up to you on an individual basis and ask for some coins. When I politely declined, they would then go away without question or bother.

As time has progressed, I have noticed that the activity by such fuel station bandits has become more and more aggressive. One time a man approached me with what appeared to be plans and paperwork asking for my help. I quickly scurried to my car and locked the door not even fueling my vehicle because the situation was so weird. The man quickly came to my door yelling at me that "you dont know my situation".

In another instance, a man came at me yelling that he was in a car accident on the freeway and again I quickly went to my car. He came after, pulled the handle and it was a good thing I was quick on the lock.

Yet in another instance I was run after by two youths and again I did not exit my vehicle fearing what might happen next.

In my area, gas prices have risen so fast and so quickly that most criminals, bandits and transients believe that the most cash can be had by innocent motorists at the local gas pump. Therefore, they hang around the pumps trolling and preying on any motorist that pulls up.

Of course, the local police seem more interested in giving me a ticket for speeding then protecting me at the pumps. I have complained to the local police department to no avail. It seems the same hooligans hang out at the local pumps night after night and I find increasingly that I have to go there early in the morning to avoid confrontations.

So what is an innocent tax paying citizen like myself to do with police that dont really care about the hooligans who troll the streets and having to fight my way to get a few gallons of gas for my car hoping that I wont be the next one on the nightly news?

While some feel it is wrongful to carry a weapon about their person and in some localities it is illegal without a permit, this fuel station hooliganism is an excellent demonstration why righteous citizens carry weapons especially when the local police refuses to perform their job functions of protecting. I also feel much better knowing that I have several loaded firearms in my household as some of these fuel stations are but blocks away from my residence.
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