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This is a true story. My neice worked in a check cashing store in Milwaukee and would open it in the morning. One morning a guy walked up to her as she was opening the door and stuck a gun in her side and pushed her inside.

He told her to open the safe and give him the money - dumb guy - because she didn't bring the money she just opened up.

Anyway, she told him she only had her purse take it and she couldn't open the safe cause she didn't have the combination. She was telling the truth.

He threatened to kill her a few times then must have figured she was telling the truth. Then he said come with me or I'll kill you.

She said she was so scared she could not get her legs to work. She literally could not move. He threatened her a few times and then just ran off.

He did not shoot her even though he had threatened to many times BUT if she had left with him she probably would have been raped and possibly murderred to cover it up.

She was so scared she quit.

Never go with the bad guy - ther is no advantage to it at all.
You cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves, nor can you disarm a free people and expect them to remain free.
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