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I recently bought an S&W mod 19-3, s/n: K9038xx, Can someone look that one up for me?

Please, I bought a used S&W Revolver. It is a beauty. It was expensive because the owner didn't wanted it to sell it. But he didn't know even Model or year of this revolver.

Can somebody help me, please?
I'd like to know Model and year

Serial number is: S8551XX
"S" prefix serial numbers are usually for N frames but stop at S333454. Could it be S8551X ? And what is the caliber?

I have a 6 shot air weight 38 snub nose. It weighs 18.2 oz and the serial number begins with C317xxx. Does anyone have info on the year and model?
Pre model 12 (38 Military & Police Airweight), serial puts it at 1954 - 1956


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