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How About a BB Gun?

I've been lurking and doing some posting on TFL for some time and I am just amazed at all of the postings about penetration and killing or wounding friendlies. Then I read all the posts about how most people can't hit a bad guy at 7 yards when shooting at him. Here's my question. Should we just aim at our kids bedroom and then we might just hit the guy we want to? If you think that you can't drop a bad guy with a round heavy enough to stop him because you are worrying about possibly hitting a family member or neighbor, use a knife or invest in a state of the art home security system and don't waste your money on guns and ammo. When you commit to using firearms there is always a chance of someone getting hurt or killed that you didn't intend. IF YOU ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT THIS TYPE OF ACCIDENT, DON'T USE A GUN.
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