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Originally Posted by Son Of Vlad Tepes
You have parked in an area to disallow you a relatively clear view around your car why?
It was the only available parking space in a very crowded lot.

You daydreamed and didn't maintaining situational awareness why?
Had to work late last night, SO didn't let you sleep in so you are exhausted and must have drifted off.

You haven't taken care to keep your doors locked why?
SO must have forgotten to lock the door when he/she exited the vehicle. You didn't notice (shame on you).

You are stopped and have your seatbelt on why?
it's the law.

I know it's a flawed scenario, let's not nit-pick it apart please. There are a million why's and becauses. I am more interested in what the best course of action is once you are in this situation.

So far, the consensus seems to be that exiting the vehicle no matter what the outcome is the best choice, although bushidomosquito makes an interesting suggestion. I personally can never find a cop when I need one though.
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