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Was watching TV and this came up. Wife and I talked about it but never reached a conclusion.

Let's say you are sitting in your car, in the drivers seat, in a parking lot of a store. Let's say that the reason you are sitting there is that your SO 'just ran in to grab one thing' or an alternative reason would be 'waiting to meet a friend'.

You are NOT armed. You are a law abiding citizen so your seat belt is fastened. You care about the environment (and gas prices) so the car is off.

A BG jumps in your car in the passenger seat, points a gun at you, and tells you to drive (where BG wants to go doesn't matter).

The BG keeps the gun out of your reach, and you cannot overpower him (maybe YOU can, but let's just say you can't).

How is this situation best handled?
Well since parking lots are known to be prime hunting grounds for criminals:

You have parked in an area to disallow you a relatively clear view around your car why?

You daydreamed and didn't maintaining situational awareness why?

You haven't taken care to keep your doors locked why?

You are stopped and have your seatbelt on why?

By the time you wake up out of your stupor to find an armed guy sitting next to you, well you are pretty much screwed buddy . If you survive the encounter at that point is dependent on pretty much one thing..the bad guy's disposition.

But yeah, the only good choice in that scenario would be to somehow quickly unbuckle and attempt an escape with hopes that he doesn't bust a cap in your [email protected]@.
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