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Bill Jeans Handgun/Carbine: North Idaho June 2008

Bill Jeans (Morrigan Consulting, ) will be teaching two classes at Lewiston, Idaho (northern Idaho) in June.

June 14-15 (weekend): Defensive Pistol.

This course will supplement the handgun concealed carry licensee or concerned citizen’s training with defensive gun-fighting skills based on the Modern Technique of the Pistol. It is an introductory level course directed toward shooters with little or no formal defensive handgun training but far exceeds a “basic pistol” course. Course material includes practical marksmanship, ballistics, a proven gun handling methodology, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, mental conditioning for combat, use of cover/concealment, shooting with movement and more.

June 16-18 (Mon-Wed): Carbine Close Quarters Combat

This intense course will supplement the student’s existing carbine skills by focusing on fighting in the typical environment of home, vehicle and street. Stress gunhandling, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, shooting with movement, weapon retention, mental conditioning for combat, and more will be addressed. This is not a competition oriented course but is focused on the use of the semi-automatic battle carbine for defensive purposes in the short range environment where time can be of the essence. It is equally suited to law enforcement and the private citizen.

Both classes have space available, but you will need to register ASAP to reserve a slot. Contact Bill Jeans via his web site, or Bill England (course host) at “england AT”
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