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I truly appreciate the input. I have placed an order for a new hammer and sear, since I believe these have been altered sometime in the past, and I have a new firing pin from Wisners that I had ordered with the springs, sometime back. When I can get all this stuff together in the gun it will be almost totally new, internally and I can get on with the task of making sure the gun is in complete battery and that the chamber and barrel face are not obstructed.

Regarding ammunition; In the condition it's in currently the gun miss-fires on everything I've tried, save one. I had no problem with some old CCI stuff in one of those plastic boxes of 100 with the sliding lid. I don't think it was mini-mags, because I have a box of those and they are copper (or brass) coated and miss-fire like the others. The ones that worked had the old horse-shoe shaped C logo and were lead, not coated and, unfortunately, had no label.

I think the potential problems with the chamber, or barrel/bolt face make the most sense and I will address them both on Monday, post Mother's Day.

Once again thanks for the help. If I can get this thing fixed before this thread dies, I'll get back here with what the problem was.......tog
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