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My afternoon with my Bobcat

Well now that I have my CVA Bobcat back from my friend "I traded him my Traditions Yukon for my Bobcat back since he liked the inline better" & Last week end I took it out with him to get a feel for the old girl since this'll be my hunting gun.
Man did she like the .490 .015 PRB's with 80gr. of 777, from the bench I was hitting real good at 50 & 100 yards "well as good as my eyes seeing through the sights" but I thought why not get a mold for .495 & some patches in .010 to see what she'll do conciddering that the longest shot I'd probably take is 75 yards max any way here in Louisa co. Virginia.

I added the brass nipple shield to help keep the lock area clean & ordered a unfinished wood stock for it to hopefully help in the recoil & because this plastic stock that came with it is just BUT UGLY AS ANYTHING.

Today I carried 18 of my cast .495 182gr. balls some .010 lubed patches & 50cal lubed wads Remington #11 caps & my flask I use for the 777.

Loaded 90gr. this time of 777 to see if I can keep a good group & hope that this load will be accurate enough with a decent punch for Deer & maybe an occasional Black Bear "within resonable distance."
All my shots were off hand because the bench was allready full of shooters & I wanted to see if I can hold steady enough for shooting this light little thing.

Well this thing shoots great conciddering that it was brutal on my sholder with 90gr. of 777 & I can hit pretty good at 50 yards making an OK off hand grouping missing 2 out of 10 shots "need more time on the range to tweak it & me" & at 100 yards it was almost impossible to see the pie plate with the sights but I did hit it 2 out of 3 times then I ran out of powder, I need a bigger flask for 777.

For a 13 year old cheap smoke pole w/ 1:48 rifling I don't think I did too bad although I do admit I need more time with her to get her grouping better but I think the wood stock once I get it & fit and finish it will make a difference on this as well.

Well what do y-all think?
Any advise will be greatfuly welcome..
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