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Pepper spray is iffy at best on dogs, I've seen some shake it of i a couple of seconds, and then I've seen some plow up a front yard with their nose trying to get the stuff off! The best of any I've ever used is Freeze +P, GREAT STUFF, and it has worked beautifully on all of the turds I've ever sprayed with it. Even killed a rogue racoon with it one time! I keep a couple of cans of it in my car now even though we are issued something different now, the Freeze just works better. The biggest thing with spray is, if you spray someone/ some animal, YOU WILL GET SPRAYED TOO!!! That is inevitable with spray. So as bad as it sounds, whatever you or your wife may want to at least expose yourself to whatever you get... maybe not spray directly, but at least get some in the vicinity so you can see what it's like. I'd also suggest something with OC and CS, if there is some that is civilian legal. (No idea what's out there for civies)
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