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Thank you very much for your time and the detailed reply. That was a lot of great info, especially the load recommendations as I would have more than likely made the mistake of using an improper round.

One of the reasons I bought this piece is that it has an entertaining history. Apparently it was a duty weapon for an San Jose area officer in the 60's and 70's and then was eventually sold as a private transaction to an officer at my department around 1980. Shortly after that it was stolen from the officers home during a burg. and used in a crime/shootout (actully true though I thought he was pulling my leg at first) and eventually returned after being collected by San Jose PD at the crime scene. Since then it has collected dust in our department safe until this past week when I purchased it.

I checked the grip and it doesn't match the diamond pattern in the picture, so it must have been replaced at some point. The person I bought it from believes the original owner was an armorer for his department and he believes a custom trigger was also installed.

I've attached a couple of pics. The gun is actually in much better shape than the pics make it look as it had 20+ years of dust/grime on it at the time the pics were taken. The only real wear is some light to moderate holster burn at the muzzle. So neither of us knew what it was worth and we eventually agreed on $120. Since the guy I bought it from is a good friend I don't have any intention of taking him for a ride. Do I owe him some more money? Thank you again for your help.

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