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thanks pax, I spend quite a bit of time on base teaching MOS-T and BNCOC classes so I rely on my dog for security while I'm out of town and my friends stop in and check on/feed her daily. Hershey is a very happy and playful dog if your escorted into the yard, but is incredibly territorial about the yard. That's exactly as it should be.

I'm thinking about putting up a 6' privacy fence as an alternative to the electric fence.

1) no potential for legal liability (small concern, but a concern)
2) keeps Hershey in and the horney dog accross the street out
3) allows me to load my vehicle for range trips without being observed

1) expensive (I could buy a NICE new M14 or 50 gun safe for the cost)
2) It would be alot of work
3) it would prevent Hershey from seeing my driveway and front yard to alert me about intruders
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