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Originally Posted by GATMOG
C'mon Tourist! Dogs are about as close as you can get to having a sentry gun!
I'm a dog owner, myself.

The problem is that I have known more pansy muscle dog owners than I have guys who do their own fighting.

And training a dog to fight is animal abuse as far as I'm concerned.

Three weeks ago I went to our local bike shop, and ran into a guy with a new pup. He showed me some pictures on his cell phone of other pups he had. I showed him pictures of my dogs from my wallet. The most dangerous man I know also owns a dog--a Pomeranian.

None of the pictures in that entire motorcycle parking lot were muscle or show-off dogs. Frankly, those dogs are for pimps, bangers and Enzyte clients.

Edit: And I have good reason to think so.

During the gasoline shortage of the 1970's, I lost my job. To save the tankful of gas I had in my car for job interviews, I walked every morning to a local Stop n' Rob for the morning paper and coffee.

One morning as I left my neighborhood, I saw a teenage kid on his porch with a black lab--that he had trained to attack. For fun, he said something like, "Sic 'em, boy." Within seconds I was facing the dog, baring his teeth.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I faced the dog, called the kid a wussy and challenged him to face me right then, right there in the street.

As most of them do, he called the dog back, and went inside, where I believe his mommie fluffed and folded his undies and poured his a bowl of Sugar Smacks.
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