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Michael A. Le Lack
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Also Burned by CMW2212

I was also misled by member CMW2212. He accepted my offer and when I enquired about who to ship gun and money to, ne reply. First store was he was selling to buy his wife a NAA380, then someone at his gunshop offered (more) money, my offer had to change to all CASH, then his son hurt his arm and the emergency room wanted money....I still have all the PM's. I also provided my phone # and requested he call me numerous times and nothing. I stopped bidding on 2 other kimbers, one kimber I might have won. Now I am high and dry. I am sure there are a bunch of members that will come to CMW2212's aid like they did with GORDON24. Seems to me we have cliques on this forum. When does a deal become official? I had a USPS money order ready to mail only waiting on his mailing address. But I guese I am wrong also. Thanks for the oppertunity to vent. It is only a gun
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