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If that's an offer to feed and water Hershey when I go away on orders I may take you up on it. I spend so much time on active duty teaching classes that I am beginning to impose too much on my friends to take care of her.

Seriously though, its not that bad of a neighborhood. The nice thing about where I live is that the kids I mostly have to worry about aren't interested in anything beyond a smash and grab. Fortunately, a loud dog and motion activated security light seems to scare them away.

I have an alarm system in my house and signs are posted to that effect. I am considering installing an additional circuit on the alarm strictly for my gun room. If I go with the electric fence I may install a lockable doggy door that will allow my dog to come into the gun room from the outside for shelter and added security for my collection.

I wonder if I'd be better served by having a dog inwith access there or a motion sensor. I couldn't really do both.
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