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I just started to carry concealed (and first post here ;-) ). I live in Florida, and anything but a t-shirt wouldn't work. An oversized polo shirt or button down short sleeve shirt helps.

So far, I used two holsters: The bladetech ultimate concealable holster: Works well, but I don't like the hard plastic against my skin. The only adjustment you get is two options for the kant.

The Minotaur MTAC: The leather makes a big difference, and it is nicely adjustable. The holster itself is quite wide, and it doesn't work for example in the 1:00 position. 4:00 works ok. I use a cell phone holster (either semi-concealed under the shirt or above it) as a bit a distraction to "explain" the bump on that side.

SOB carry works well IMHO because you don't see the gun ;-) Its kind of like a kid hiding behind a pillow. But if you look in a mirror, its easily exposed. Also, its hard to reach and hard to defend if someone would try to grap it.
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