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I carry at the 3:30 Position (8:30 for you lefties).

It's more in how you dress. If you wear "skin tight" clothing you can't even hide a Raven 25 acp effectively, sorry to say. Now this morning, before work, I'm wearing Cargo Shorts and a one size too large un-tucked Polo Shirt. It's hiding my IWB 3" GP100. The other day I was dressed the same and was carrying my 5" 1911. I carry my 4" N-Frame Revolver dressed the same way.

I'm not a big guy either, 5'06" and 140 pounds. Another big help in effectively concealing a wapon is to use high quality gear. I'm partial to Milt Sparks, Ted Blocker, Greg Kramer, Matt Del Fatti and Mitch Rosen. The money spent on good gear is worth it's weight in gold as far as comfort and concealability, IMO.

99% of the time I use an IWB Holster. That too aides in concealment. It may take some time for you to find what works for you, but it can be done. The old saying is, "Learn To Dress Around The Gun." I'm lucky in that I've had good teachers in the past to teach me this. Thank you Vic and Don, RIP.

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