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At all the cars shows i've been to, most of the "vintage corvettes" aren't able to drive around the block.

I like to go to the range and mind my own buisness and put 5 bullets into one hole and silently laugh to myself at the old guys next to me who can't get their high end rifle on paper.

I'm 18 and usually only go to the range on a slow college day so I'm usually by myself and sometimes I'll talk to the RO but I normally just go to the range to shoot, not make friends.

My favorite from last time I was at the range, 2 guys were trying to sight in a new rifle and something must of been way wrong because they couldn't get anything to work, I put up my targets and when the range is hot I fire off the first shot: X. Next shot: X and I notice the RO is glassing my target. Third shot: X. RO to me "-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- son you outta just pack up now and save your ammo"
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