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Ox Yoke (Now Traditions) prelubed wonder patches that have been marinated in Hoppes #9+ BP solvent. 30 or so patches in an empty cap tin with a tespoon or so of Hoppes. Let em sit for a day or two before using. The patches end up being damp/moist but not dripping wet. The wet/lubed patch cleans the barrel as you ram the ball. I can load and shoot all day at an aggregate match (50+ rounds) with the last ball loading as easily as the first.

BTW - I'm using a Pedersoli Deluxe Tryon Rifle in .54 Cal. This was also my loading procedure for a CVA Hawken that I had and a Waldron Rifle Works Pennsylvania flintlock in .50 Cal.

OK - added 1830 hrs - Cleanup is with Hoppes#9+ that's all I use on my front stuffers - lube is Remoil. Now, if your talking C&Bs or BP cartridge guns, then its water and Balistol to clean and Balistol to lube
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