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In planning this house, do not forget to consider natural emergencies. Let me give you an example. We live in New Hampshire. We bought a house out in the woods. My situation is not one of bugging out, because I am already where I would bug out to. My sitiuation is getting snowed or iced in! Years ago one NH community lost power for two weeks due to a bad ice storm.

I did not consider this when we bought the house. I have tri-level, which is basically a small ranch attached to a small gambrel. The layout is not conducive to emergency heating. Get the best insulation and energy efficiency that you can, as this will be a factor in the future. I do not know where you live, but in some parts of the country where blizzards and ice storms are accompanied by power outages, having a pantry full of grub and a secondary heat/cooking source can be a real comfort.

Adapt your plans accordingly if you live in hurricane or tornado territory.

Make this a comfortable house to tough it out in, not just defensible. Have a good sized pantry for emergency supplies. We stock at least two weeks of winter emergency food in a haphazard fashion because we do not have a good pantry.
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