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Finding a good self defense attorney who is also pro ccw shouldn't be too hard. If you have a good local online gun forum that is populated with instructors, attorneys, and leo you'll get some good recommendations. If not call a couple of firearms instructors in your area and ask who they would call. If you know of a pro ccw judge in your area this would be a good question to ask him/her as well.

Put the name and contact information of the attorney you choose on a card in your wallet. On the other side of the card put Massad Ayoob's list of 5 things to say if you are involved in a shooting:

1. This person attacked me (point out the attacker).
2. I will sign the complaint.
3. The witnesses are there (point out witnesses).
4. The evidence is there (point out evidence).
5. Officer, you'll have my full cooperation in 24 hours after I've spoken with counsel. (Repeat number 5 until attorney shows up)

I carry a card like this because it's not the point in time I want to begin the attorney search. I want to be able to call and get the attorney or someone from their office on the scene ASAP. I'm also sure that under the stress of such an incident I won't remember exactly what I'm supposed to say or do. Having the card to hold a read will help keep focus and prevent the blabbering that people do under high stress.

It is probably a good idea to contact the attorney you settle on and put them on retainer. I still need to do this. My understanding is that it's under $100 to do this and because you'll already have an established relationship with the attorney it will make things easier if you need to call them. You'll also get the number to call that will get them by your side at 3am.

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